The Little Things (2)

Hey Rainbowers! It’s been a long time, and the photos are building up in my phone so I thought it’s about time to make a post. Nothing much has been happening (again, what boring life do I lead?) so it’ll just be a bunch of those little things that keep me smiling.

I really hope that if you take nothing else away from reading my blog, you’ll realise that you have to hang onto these little things, the day-to-day joys that keep you smiling. When there’s nothing going on and stress dragging you down, it’s little things that make life worth living.


I plucked up the courage to ask for a photo of these shoes when I saw someone wearing them in college. They’re a Hello Kitty x Vans collaboration and I just about fell off my chair when I saw them!

SO. CUTE. >w<

Once again, it’s coffee that keeps me going. I put some marshmallows in this one. There is nothing in this world that I love more than marshmallows.

I wish marshmallows were a vegetable.

It’s a truly beautiful time of year when colours change and become bright, and there’s that smell of rain always threatening in the air. I love the smell of damp leaves. (These are Jemma’s legs, by the way.)

I’m not sure why I took a photo like this, but it’s planning outfits (which I almost always call ‘costumes’) and throwing on loads of accessories that makes me feel happy so early in the morning!

I love the bleak landscape around here. I makes me feel like I’m in a novel. * u *

What more creative inspiration do you need than the world around you?

My beautiful and dear friend is a very special cookie. :’3

I love the paintings down in the art department. Sometimes when I have nothing else to do, I stand and stare at them for ages. So much talent~! * o *

It starts to get dark really early right now, doesn’t it? Even while waiting for the bus at 1600, the sun is setting. The sky has such beautiful pastel colours, don’t you agree?

I love the feeling of sunrise too, especially the time when it’s still dark but not quite night. This is in Withernsea. I love the old Victorian houses, but the sky above makes me feel like I’m connected to all of my friends around the world. We’re breathing  the same air and watching the same stars.

… But yet again, it’s my very ‘unique’ friends that keep me smiling!
That’s all for today. If you let yourself smile at the little things, you’ll be happy! Make sure you tell your friends how much you love them. It’s something I think we all ought to do more often because you never know when they won’t be there any more.

Rather than ending on that slightly depressing note, let’s end with a photo of three of my best friends. Though I love them all individually, there’s nothing better than having the three of them together to keep me entertained. d( ^W^ )b



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