Kitties and Costumes

Rainbowers~! I felt a little anxious about making a post after the last one, because it was so exciting and significant for me, but I’ve been taking photos and I need to show them off so~.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been anything interesting happening since the Star Trek thing, except a costume day at college. Exciting for someone like me! >w<

Please read and enjoy. :D

I made a great layered outfit with lots of accessories and bows for going into town! Oh look, it’s that Rainbowholic bracelet again, what a surprise. :’3

My eyebrows have been altered since I was going to cosplay for the convention (my mild latex allergy made it impossible ; n;) and I lovelovelove how they turned out so short. My parents disagree.~

I put that zebra plushie back onto my shoe, but I think it needs a wash by now. :<

The paintings I’ve been making for my art project have pretty much just been fairies and butterfly wings since I’m designing some paintings of the fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s a lot of fun and so relaxing. ^W^

One of my fellow classmates was painting with coffee and I had the bowl of it for a while because of the smell. *o* <3

When we were in town that day, I came across a load of Hello Kitty umbrellas in Superdrug …

Then I turned the corner and there was a whole stand of Hello Kitty make-up items! :D I was beside myself. A lady kept getting in the way when I was trying to take a photo and my battery was low, so sorry for the stranger in the edge. D:

… But Hello Kitty false lashes are a bit strange. o_O

The Halloween display in Build-a-Bear was adorable! >u<

And Hello Kitty’s making an appearance again!


I dressed up in my gothic lolita costume for the college dress-up day. >w< The make-up was all I could do in the ten minutes I had spare. D:


Jemma and Dan. Jemma wasn’t dressed up for college, though. That’s just how she is. :’3 <3


That’s all for today, folks! Thanks for reading! There’ll be more photos when I collect enough to write about. :D

Katie~ ^w^


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