Hey there rainbowers! :D

You’re joining me for possibly the first exciting post I’ve ever made.~ I had an adventure this week! I travelled down to London with my buddy Chris to give him his birthday present: a day out at DESTINATION STAR TREK LONDON!

After a couple of days recovering from the experience, I’ve had time to sort through all of our photos so please enjoy scrolling down. I’ll provide explanation where it’s needed but non-Trekkers might not understand the excitement. XD In which case, I hope you’ll continue reading just for my enthusiasm!

Please enjoy~! <3

We entered London via King’s Cross. :D *potterhead*

The ExCeL centre! It was 9am when we arrived, and the sky was cloudless. The building took my breath away, I wasn’t expecting such a huge venue! IT WAS SO BIG THOUGH. ; w;

Chris was kind of excited when we were waiting to go in! He’s not that great at showing it though. >w<

The queue was huge but it still didn’t take long for them to get us all in. *w*

Something like three quarters of people there were in costume! I was in heaven. x__x Loads of them were pretty young girls too!

Zachary “Chris”to, hurhurhur. There was a cut-out thing of SFX magazine cover with Chris Pine and Zach Quinto’s faces cut out. Fun!

Of all the costumers, I think Chris’s favourites were these friendly Klingons! They really were charming. ^W^

Possibly the highlight of my day. ^^ We really did meet some lovely people, even if only briefly. I know people in cosplay must get annoyed being asked for photos all the time but it’s proof that you’re doing it properly! :D

When we were hanging out in the Klingon Zone for a breather, we saw a boy and girl in kigurumi! They were so cute that I had to take a snap! I was too shy to ask, though so I did it while they weren’t looking. >w<

There was a museum exhibition of loads of Star Trek props and costumes that this one guy had gathered up! It was so impressive and awe-inspiring to see. Just a small piece of glass between me and these artefacts of sci-fi history!

William Shatner wore this! :D And the blue one was worn by Tom Hardy in Star Trek: Nemesis.

Troi’s blue uniform and Spock’s (<333) spacesuit from TMP.

I took this as Chris was buying a t-shirt. If you can see him, you win a prize! XD The “fan-zone” area seemed really quiet compared to the other places and then there was a merchandise stall surrounded by people. :O

These two guys, the hilarious Ron Moore (left) and Ira Behr, are two writers of sci-fi, and worked on Star Trek: TNG and DS9. We listened to them answering fan’s questions and I personally could have listened to them all day! Such lovely guys! >w<

These were the people sitting with us to hear Ron, Ira and the other speakers (whose names elude me at this time but included the man who painted the Enterprise model of TMP and one of Gene Rodenberry’s assistants (the dude had some wonderful photos!)).

And when I got to a higher point for a better view of all the people there … please consider that this was THE TINIEST FRACTION of people there, it was so overwhelming but the atmosphere was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced!

Literally squealed for joy when I saw this man. Data is my favourite TNG character! I know I don’t look pleased but I was really embarrassed and this guy was totally in character. I fell a little bit in love. D:

After the costume parade, this clever, funny man showed us how to put on Klingon make-up for a convention! It was so skilfully done and the girl he made-over was so happy and excited. :’3

I went back to the Klingon Zone because I was stalking Walter Koenig (who played Chekov) and I couldn’t miss this photo opportunity!

I did manage to get a beautifully long glimpse of Mr. Koenig and I left the area feeling pleased and a little bit creepy. :3

This was the queue of people waiting to get their photo taken with Mr. Koenig. They all got so excited when he came! :D It was wonderful to behold so much love in one go. >w< <3


The only thing that could have been better than meeting Brent Spiner would be meeting Leonard Nimoy but the man’s retired, I can accept it and let him have his peace. XD Mr Spiner was friendly, professional, funny and chatty and I’m not ashamed to say I turned bright pink at the mere sight of him.

Chris and I both got a photo with Robin Curtis, who played my favourite lady Vulcan Saavik in two Star Trek movies. She was genuinely warm and happy, friendly and professional and gave us both a hug. >w<

This was the climax of the whole day for me! The line was ridiculous, more than 500 people so they rushed us through (understandably) so I only got to give him a wide, embarrassed smile and return the “thank you” he bestowed upon me. I had my hand on his back for a second and my fingers still tingle. TT w TT *fangirling ok* He was so cheerful despite the fact that he was having like, 1000 photos taken of him today and I’ve heard he’s not a sci-fi convention fan so he did a wonderful job of smiling for the camera for me! ^W^ <333 So much respect for this man, as an actor, director and writer. <3

And THIS was the whole reason we went there in the first place: Chris got to meet Sir Patrick Stewart! Even if only for a few brief moments, the look of pure joy on his face afterwards made every penny worth spending. ^w^


So that brings us to the end of our wonderful TREK ACROSS DA UNIVERSE (aka London). I hope you enjoyed the photos and a first-hand report from a Star Trek fan. ^w^

If they were reading this, I’d want to thank all of the actors, writers, artists and cosplayers we met for being so warm, friendly, professional, beautiful, wonderful, clever, generous, loveable, AMAZING. <3

And the staff who made it all possible, thank you so much for allowing us such a wonderful day.

I’ll leave you with the image of the t-shirt I bought at the event (being a massive Spock fan, of course I bought the one with my beautiful Vulcan-bias’ face on it!)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! Here’s hoping you’ll live another 20 years! <3

Thanks for reading, rainbowers!

Love, Katie. ^w^ <3


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