The Little Things

Dear Rainbow readers,

I wish I could tell you that exciting things have been happening to me, so I haven’t had time to write to you for a few weeks. In reality, I’ve been a bit down and a bit ill. The long, hard slog of the start of the college year is already getting to me and I lack the motivation and the inspiration to do anything beyond working and sleeping.

I have been collecting photos, though. If there’s one thing that keeps me going, it’s snapping random pictures of moments I get to keep forever.

This will be a lot of photospam with little explanation, but I sincerely hope you enjoy scrolling to the end. If one person smiles reading this, then the long hard slog will be worth it.


First of all, I finally received a letter from my new penpal, Tessa! She lives in California and I sent her my first letter at the end of August. Her stationary was adorable, covered in cupcakes and cute England-themed Hello Kitty stickers. I could already tell we were going to get along! I cannot wait to write back, but being low on funds, it’ll have to wait. Sorry, dear! <3

I think it was the very same day that Dan and myself shared a delicious fried/garlic/unhealthy meal. Well it was a big plate and we had just enough money between us. What are friends for if not for sharing with? :3

Left to right: Kirsty, my main model/girl/goth Jemma, and Benji. We had a fun day in town and I got my ear pierced. :D It’s good that we have a free afternoon every week but we soon won’t be able to slack off.

“The Rise of the Floofy Hats”.


Then just last week, we went to our local HMV and I had a huge, pre-planned fangirl attack. For the first time ever, they were stocking my favourite band! All thanks to JPU Records who are striving to bring J-music over to the UK. They’re causing a revolution, that’s for sure. I’m proud to say I’ve been with them from the off and I hope they’ll bring us so much more joy than they already have. ^W^

(You can follow them on Twitter @JPUrecords !!)

I can’t believe they started making raspberry flavoured McFlurry. >w< I love raspberries, so I had to get one! It was the icing on top of the cake that will forever be remembered as DIVISION day.

That day I bought my first winter jumper! After spending every day in my MIYAVI hoodie, it makes a nice change and is just as warm. >w< The lack of pockets annoys me a little though. ._.

This outfit was cute! I’m sad that I couldn’t get a full-body snap of it. I wore a dress under this long jumper so the very end of the skirt was sticking out. How adorable, even if I say so myself. :D I used a collection of my favourite accessories too.

The hair clips were plain ol’ grey so I painted them brightly with nail varnish. More people should try it, you get a unique finish~! I had my Deathly Hallows necklace and Rainbowholic Snap Bracelet, both of which I seem to wear every day without fail. (You can buy from Rainbowholic at ~!) I tied a brightly coloured shoelace around my neck to make a quirky necklace (I saw someone else wear something like this and, although I didn’t get a photo (too busy!) I did use it as inspiration myself!) and pinned a couple of loops of ribbon to my much-abused teddy bear to make a temporary ring.

I love making my own accessories~! :D I wish I had more time for it right now.

Ah, I guess coffee inspires me a lot. :’3 Look at that bacon, though! Chris thoroughly enjoyed that. ; w;

My beloved Beth somehow spent a long time cutting “I O U” into an apple, since she seems to think she’s part of the Sherlock TV series. Hm, she’s more Watson than Moriarty though. Ah, I guess that makes me Sherlock, even if I am the blogger, right?

Being the beautifully “quirky” girl I am, I pinned a zebra plushy to my shoe. For once, I got no sarcastic comments about it! :D I know people generally don’t get my sense of style, but when I do something cute like this that I really enjoy, nasty comments really do hurt. :<

Here’s someone who would never give me a bad comment, Beth! She very kindly consented to let me borrow her beautiful face for a photoshoot for my art project, Shakespeare. She made a beautiful Cobweb~! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap a candid afterwards, before she got rid of my gorgeous cobweb make-up. I can’t wait to start painting her. >w<


It’s been a difficult and tiring few weeks, but it has really made me appreciate the friends I have, the people who will stay up chatting with me until 2am, and the little things that inspire me. So please remember if, like me, you’re tired and unmotivated and struggling to keep a smile on your face, look for the little things you can do that make you happy.

As for me, I’ll keep taking photos and capturing our memories.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

Lots of love,

The rainbow, Katie. ^w^



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