Coffee is my muse

Hello~ Rainbowers!  It’s been a while since I made a post, but to be fair nothing’s been happening to me recently. D: I’ve been collecting some photos though, so this might just end up as a photospam post. ^W^ I hope you enjoy!


The first picture I took this week was of a painting I made. It was originally supposed to be “unfinished” but I haven’t finished not finishing it yet so it isn’t … finished … X_X It’s a scary, bloody version of Cobweb from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I used Sunggyu from Infinite as the model but it doesn’t come through now that she’s more … feminine. XD


COFFEE~!  The coffee at college isn’t all that flavourful but I have loads of tea when I’m at home so I’d miss the caffeine fix. *_*

Ah Dan, you look like a 30 year old man. :3

Dan was staring me down when I took this photo. Not his creepiest facial expression though, I assure you.

I took a photo of my coffee while I was busy analysing Nineteen Eighty-Four. If you read the last post, you’ll know why I’m doing that. A2 Literature. *o*

As I was drinking my coffee I was thinking to myself, “Bet it tastes better than Victory Coffee. Hurhurhur.” Oh dear. :’)

I’m not really sure why I took this photo, but my puppy has a Barney the Dinosaur plushy that he likes to snuggle. :3

I love love love making accessories! My much-abused little teddy bear has been turned into a two-finger ring, I made some shoelaces into a bracelet and there’s my Rainbowholic bracelet again~!! :O

( )

I wore these accessories today with my Harajuku-kei outfit!

I wore mismatched brightly coloured socks! I also wore the gorgeous pink socks sent to me by my inspiration, rainbowholic Kaila when I bought my bracelet off her. I adored this combo, but I couldn’t get a good snap of it. :<

A blurry snap of my accessories~! You can see how the teddy bear ring works, right? :D

I did some painting today. :B To be honest, I paint every day in art classes but … :’3 First thing Monday morning requires coffee of course!

Jemma tried on my LolitaxRainbow hair accessory~! Doesn’t she look sweet? :3 How deceptive!

So this was my full outfit today! With brightly coloured socks and lolita-kei shoes, I felt so adorable. >W< I wish I could dress this oddly every day. ; w;

Apparently, when we’re bored, we stick bits of plastic to Dan.

And I’ll leave you with this image. I took some photos of Jemma for art and … well I’ll let the Jemmaception speak for itself. (But sorry for the rude gestures, everyone wanted in on this one. ; n;)

Thanks for reading!



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