Penguins Of Every Sort

Good morning~ Rainbow-ers!

Nothing has happened since my last post! GAH! Uneventful days were uneventful. >///<

Well, I started reading A Clockwork Orange, which I need to study for English Literature class. I love the book Nineteen Eighty-Four and I needed something to compare with it, and being familiar with the concept of A Clockwork Orange I decided it was high time I read it.

Now that I’m about fifty pages in, I adore the genius use of language but it’s just about as terrifying as the Orwellian dystopia so I find myself questioning my choice …


It’s hard work but I think the comparison will be incredibly enjoyable so I’ll persevere! がんばります!


Now, as I said before, nothing else of note has happened and yet my phone is getting clogged up with photos! Since I kind of knew that these last few days would be uneventful, I took lots of photos of my own clothes. *o*

On Thursday, I made a new accessory! I had an old broken phone charm which was a yellow voodoo-doll … thing. I stuck it to an elastic band with craft glue and attached some badges. The resultant bracelet was adorable! And it rattled. :P

(And yes, I really do wear my Rainbowholic bracelet every day.)

I wrapped a necklace a few times around my wrist to make another arm-accessory. It’s a lot of coins on a chain, basically, so that makes a nice tinkly noise when I wave my arms around. >w< (As I inevitably do when I get excited.)


I was really, really cold that night so I wore my penguin kigurumi to bed. >///< I was so toasty when I woke up that I didn’t want to get out of bed! :’3

Friday was Visual Kei Dress Up Day! :D

I made the effort to put make up on and dressed all monochrome and stuff. >w< I can’t deal with how cute I looked on this day. ; w;

I covered my mouth because I bit my lip on Thursday night and it swelled right up. It was still a bit fat on Friday but it went down by the time I got to college. Not pretty though. D’:

Look how cuuute~ ^w^ <3 This was one of those rare days in which I felt happy about how I looked. My hair went flat too quickly though. -_-”









And what post would be complete without my friends and their funny faces? XD

It seems to be a trend amongst us to be wearing sunglasses. This makes me sad, since I’m so blind without my specs that I can’t see out of sunglasses, and prescription sunnies are far too expensive. TT m TT


On a final, slightly creepy note, there’s a guy wandering around college with really fluffy, really ginger hair that my friends and I can’t stop gawking at. Just … so … fluffy … *o*


Thanks for reading! <3



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