Silly Faces

The last few days have been hectic at college again. *o* I found a few seconds here and there to take some photos of my clothes so this post might seem a bit vain~. But nothing else really went on, until I went into town today with Jemma!

This is my favourite accessory! I wear it every day. I bought it from my great inspiration, Kaila-san, at ~! Please check it out, she has some adorable stuff. *shameless plug for my inspiration*

On Monday, I decided that taking a photo on the bus to college was a good idea. O_O It was hard work~! I love that t-shirt too much to not take a photo of it though. I love the way the flash makes it impossible to see my face. :3 If you look hard, you can see my Rainbowholic bracelet! XD


I think this was also Monday. My friends can get really rowdy and I’m sure we’re quite annoying to most of the other people at college, but we have fun! As you can see, we’re a bunch of sillies who love pulling faces and moving when the photographer (me) is trying to take a picture. o_o”

Every day we get together around one big table during the morning break. We drift in and out during lessons but there’s always someone interesting to talk to! :3

This was Tuesday’s outfit~! I guess I have my own special style but I HATE being the same as other people so I think it suits me. :3 I wore a dress with jeans today. X_X

The rainbow glove was from Claires, I think. On the other wrist you’ll see my Rainbowholic bracelet yet again! The necklace is the Deathly Hallows symbol, which I bought for a couple of English pounds on Ebay.~

My phone looks so scruffy. *m*

I’m a Hello Kitty fan. *o* My gorgeous Tokidoki bag was screaming out for decoration so I found some phone charms, key rings, plushies and ribbons to attach to it. It’s difficult to get a full shot of it with my rubbish little phone, but as you can see, there are lots of things attached to it now. >w< <3

Doesn’t Jemma look gorgeous today? :D

We went into town and had a wander around the shops to kill some time. As we waited for our burgers outside a take-away, Jemma permitted me to take a photo of her. I’m in love with her jumper, as are a lot of people, or so I’ve heard. XD


We had Starbucks (cappuccino for me, hot chocolate for Jemma!) then went and tried on loads of make-up in Boots! It’s a great way to kill some time, and it’s lots of fun. :D


I simply HAD to take a photo of this adorable necklace, expensive though it was, because it made me think of Rainbowholic Kaila-san! I’d love to have a real camera like this some day. *o*

This necklace was £7.90! (Kaila-san, if you’re reading this it’s about 1000 JPY~!)









My gorgeous friend and I wasted more time by trying on expensive clothes. A bit cheeky, but we didn’t do any harm~! Aren’t we lovely posers? XD The changing rooms were painted a *cough* beautiful shade of pink. :’3


I had to take a photo of myself alone to soothe my ego, since I look plain next to Jemma! The eagle-eyed will spot that elusive Rainbowholic bracelet again. :3

Yay for deliberate face-hiding-by-flash! :D


I wanted to show you my shoes, which have teddy bears pinned to them. Unfortunately it rained today so they ended up a bit soggy. TT m TT <3

The lace ribbons from my bag and the blue netting from the dress frame my legs beautifully! :’3

I think the dress was something like £53 which is waaaaay more than I can afford. D:


At the end of the day, we went into the (deserted) college toilets and pulled silly faces in the mirror. I ended up wearing the cardboard sleeve from the cappuccino on my arm as a bracelet. :’3


Finally, being quite hyper from our adventure around town, we laughed loudly on the bus home and pulled lots more faces, which was probably to the annoyance of the other passengers. >///<
But they annoy us at college so we don’t feel guilty! :D

I couldn’t pull the duck face without laughing. ._.”’


Thanks for reading! More fashion and frolics later in the week. ^w^



One thought on “Silly Faces

  1. Aww that’s so sweet, you remembered me because of the camera, heehee!

    I absolutely love dressing up in expensive (and even cheap stuff) and not buying =))))

    Thanks for the shoutout!

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