Masks and NEO

I’ve been meaning to make my first proper photo post for days, but life has been busy and nothing really eventful has happened for me to write about. ._.”

Then, this weekend, I went out to ze local nightclub~. :B I then spent the next day in town with my friend Jemma and we got up to some capers in Tesco. I feel terribly ashamed that I didn’t take photos in the nightclub itself, because there were some excellent opportunities for really cool pictures, but I learned my lesson. ;  – ;

In Tesco, we found some masks of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, etc., which got Jemma ridiculously excited.

 “Captain Awesome and Bubble-cheeks”. Posing in masks and hats was a fun way to spend some time~. >w< We spent much longer in Tesco than we had anticipated.

“This photo … I like it! ANOTHER!” said Jemma as she posed for a tenth time. She wandered around the whole shop wearing that. One guy on the checkout was very obviously amused by her antics. :3


We went round lots of other shops too and came across this cute little teddy in Build-A-Bear:

Jemma wanted to take him home. :’) I love all the adorable cosplay outfits you can buy for your bears there. I’d love to do a post entirely about that shop someday~!


My favourite band, the GazettE, were featured in a UK magazine this month. NEO, which is a magazine about Asian music, lifestyle and entertainment, had a six-page feature on the band! I was incredibly excited because I’d never seen nor heard of them being featured over here before. Since I was in town anyway, I went and bought a copy.

Sixth Guns, can you spot Ruki’s face? XD

When I saw this on the shelf in the shop I immediately grabbed one and hugged it to my chest. I squealed and jumped up and down! It was very overwhelming for this excitable fangirl. :’3

Jemma was also fangirling over a different magazine, so I think people were looking at us a little strangely. But they just don’t understand our passion! *dramatic pose*

My hand in the same shot as this magazine! I can’t believe it! :D


Over the next few days, I’ll probably have a busy time at college. I think I’d like to take lots of photos of my accessories and whatever interesting things I come across, so I hope I’ll be able to write about that later!

Thanks for reading~ <3









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