Coffee is my muse

Hello~ Rainbowers! ┬áIt’s been a while since I made a post, but to be fair nothing’s been happening to me recently. D: I’ve been collecting some photos though, so this might just end up as a photospam post. ^W^ I hope you enjoy!   The first picture I took this week was of a painting […]

Penguins Of Every Sort

Good morning~ Rainbow-ers! Nothing has happened since my last post! GAH! Uneventful days were uneventful. >///< Well, I started reading A Clockwork Orange, which I need to study for English Literature class. I love the book Nineteen Eighty-Four and I needed something to compare with it, and being familiar with the concept of A Clockwork […]

Silly Faces

The last few days have been hectic at college again. *o* I found a few seconds here and there to take some photos of my clothes so this post might seem a bit vain~. But nothing else really went on, until I went into town today with Jemma! This is my favourite accessory! I wear […]